17 November 2011

melting rainbow

I had seen countless melted crayon pieces on Pinterest (not sure how many people actually did them and how many just save to never do them later), and really wanted to do one.  So I did!  Hot glued the crayons down (which I broke in half, so they wouldn't use so much space on the canvas), and used a regular blow dryer to melt them, and then painted the bunny afterwards.  It makes me happy.  I may have to try this on a painted canvas too.

11 June 2011


A gift for my friend Julia, of her little dog Sophie.
12x14 inches, done in only an hour and a half!

18 May 2011

S is for Sherry

While at the zoo, I asked my friend Sherry what her favorite animal was. She said the flamingo, because she wants some plastic ones in her yard. And she loves how brightly colored they are. So I painted one for her 30th birthday next week. It was after I was done that I realized the neck makes a fantastic letter S, for Sherry.

25 April 2011


Tysen Cameron McDougall
5x5 inch colored pencil on paper

18 April 2011

sunshine rose

My largest painting, thus far, approximately 2 x 2.5 feet. Didn't take nearly as long as I expected, but I did pace myself and break it up over a couple of days. Now to figure out where to put it.

02 April 2011

a touch of Dutch

A gift for Aaron's grandmother, on her 80th birthday.
Acrylics on three 6x8 inch canvases.

04 March 2011


Tawnya's daughter, Layla, at two months old. Less worried about making this incredibly accurate, and more just wanting to throw color on the page. Watercolor pencils are fun because you almost get to create something twice: once by coloring with the pencils, and again when adding the water with the paintbrush. I'm still not entirely familiar with my pencils, so it's a little bit of a surprise to see exactly what colors appear when the water touches the marks on the paper.

25 February 2011

Aaron's Dragon

This is not anything that I would typically do. Obviously I'm the type of artist that bases my art in reality, and does best with a reference. Aaron challenged me to paint a dragon, using a small fountain that he has as a visual reference, since it's hard to find a good picture of a dragon without copying another artist. Good to step out of my comfort zone, but probably not going to paint many more dragons. He's quite happy with it - loves how it comes out of the shadows.
12x16 canvas. Black, white, ultramarine and cerulean acrylics. 3-4 hours.

16 February 2011

Cremona fawn

It had to have been nearly two years ago that I was riding with Barry between TLC and Cremona and we came across a herd of deer in a field. We stopped and I snapped a few photos with my camera from a distance, just to have the pictures on file. The time was finally right and I used one of those photos as reference for this piece. Very soft and sweet, I can imagine it in a child's room or nursery.

12x16 acrylics on canvas. Done in an afternoon.

10 February 2011