17 November 2011

melting rainbow

I had seen countless melted crayon pieces on Pinterest (not sure how many people actually did them and how many just save to never do them later), and really wanted to do one.  So I did!  Hot glued the crayons down (which I broke in half, so they wouldn't use so much space on the canvas), and used a regular blow dryer to melt them, and then painted the bunny afterwards.  It makes me happy.  I may have to try this on a painted canvas too.


Melinda Gross said...

Love it! I knew you would have an much better take on this, the bunny is adorable. I think Aaron should make you a crayon-holding rig so that you don't have to glue the crayons (thereby keeping them included in the artwork) on.

Christina Robertshaw said...

This is really cool, Mindy! I adore your bunnies, and the crayons just add to the effect!